The NFT marketplace awaited by celebrities and fans.

Today Doconchain, a leading provider of NFT solutions, announces an upcoming NFT marketplace, in collaboration with entertainment company partners, that will leverage the relationship between celebrities and fans. …

Part 1

Doconchain and the WFH (Work From Home) industry

Why is Doconchain launching a token and a token economy for its decentralized network for freelancers and creators?

The pandemic acted as a strong accelerator for remote work and new web3 models, like ‘Play-to-earn’ in the gaming industry. The ‘contribute-to-earn’…

Doconchain made major progress since the day we decided to launch this platform to support remote working with solutions and tools that take advantage of Web3 blockchain, NFT and token economy.

We reached important milestones on our roadmap despite the pandemic and successive lockdowns. I would first like to thank…


The web3 network with WFH solutions and tools for freelancers & creators

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